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A New Year's Choice

The New Year... the "fabulous" 2016.... is here.

And, with the opening of a new calendar comes so much expectation....at least for me.

Much like this Paper-white blooming in my living room, I view this New Year as an opportunity for improvement in many areas of my life.  I'm aiming for more trust in Jesus, greater personal health, more intentional doing and an increase in daring myself to be different.

I have chosen my "Word for the Year:"  BELIEVE

One of my challenges this last year was to believe that I am who God says I am in His Word and that I have everything the Bible states I have.

Honestly, on one level I think I do know these things to be true.  However, I want them to permeate my being and become something that just rolls off my tongue and seeps through my pores.

I've also come up with a motto for 2016:  DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

Martin Luther King, Jr inspired my motto with his quote, "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

Sometimes I feel like I can't do "x" unless I can see all the way from "a to z."  As I'm sure you know, life rarely allows us to see more than a few feet in front of our face.  And, I don't want to live like that anymore.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

I just may resemble that quote. Correction!!  I may have resembled that quote. 

I want more of God in my life which means more purposeful prayer time.

How about you?  Do you have a Focus Word or a motto for 2016?  I'm curious to see what inspires others when a new year comes 'round.

Happy New Year all!

- SD

A belated Merry Christmas

I realize Christmas Day has come and gone and yet I still want to post my Christmas poem. 
Actually, I want to post my Christmas picture of Levi cuz I think he's just too cute!
My Christmas Poem for 2015 
No fancy decorations
Just simple red decor
No music, no laughter
Just silence galore
Neighborhood gifts passed out in light rain
Forced movement to try and ignore my pain
In just two days Christmas will be here
A small celebration without some wanting to be near
Tis the season said to be the most wonderful of all
And only one thought stops me from curling into a ball
Our Lord and Savior came as a babe to this earth
To save wretched souls like mine beginning at birth
I thank Thee, Lord Jesus, for leaving Your home above
Please bless those missed dearly with hearts full of love.

-- Poem written by Stacey Dawn, 2015 

Isn't Levi just precious?  And, I didn't even have to "torture" him with pretend antlers or a red ball.  All of the effects are from the free section of PicMonkey.*

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

My Christmas celebration was different than the previous years.  It was good though.... and very special in its own unique ways.

One of my favorite moments was attending our Christmas Eve service.  A gentleman sang "Hallelujah."  He has a voice that reminds me of my Dad.... and he sings that song like none other.  The lyrics and the melody stir my spirit, bring tears to my eyes and lift my soul to a level that just know is very close to Heaven. 

Until next time may your day be filled with light and laughter...

* I'm not advertising nor am I an affiliate for PicMonkey.  I just like to play around with their photo editing themes from time to time.