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When you have no where to go

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
- Hebrews 11:1 NIV

Dawning Inspiration has been rebirthed in me.

Some really hard things have come at me lately:

Facing the potential loss of my home with consideration for living in my car is one of them.

I bought my home when I was 27 and the thought of losing it turns my guts inside out.

I've felt like I've had no where to go even though I made many a call and sent many an email searching for ways to keep my home.

The helpless feeling led me to "my" beach; the very place where God is magnified for me.

I use all five senses to absorb every aspect of the sea and the power of God that I cannot deny.

I've prayed lots of prayers walking along the seaside and sitting staring at the calming waves from misshapen driftwood.

I have received offers of help to get my home ready for sale and have had to swallow my pride to accept said help.

This situation I know is an answer to prayer.  (As the saying goes, be careful what you pray for!)

My exact prayer was for God to renew my faith in Him.... to re-inspire me and give me a purpose while I'm sick and feeling worthless and unworthy.  I wanted to encourage others again when they too face hard times (because we ALL do).  

A dear friend and I had a conversation recently about Hebrews 11:1 (see above) and it fits my situation perfectly.  
I have no idea how God will work this issue out.  I just know and believe with every fiber of my being that He will.

I have peace about this - even though I still shed countless tears of grief.

I'm learning to go to God again and again at that glorious beach when I have no where to go...

And this, my friends, is what has rebirthed Dawning Inspiration in me.