A New Gift

Sometimes you don't realize exactly what you have until you take a second look.

I'm referring to this picture:

I saw the sun setting as I went out for my walk. I noticed the colors in the sky and the cloud formations. I didn't have much time to absorb the entire scene because Doogie was excitedly tugging on his leash. I quickly "clicked" and continued with our walk.

As I reviewed my images today I noticed how round the sun was as it slowly descended behind the building. I noticed the swirling of the fog as it hung in the air. I don't recall ever personally seeing a sun set like this before. The colors weren't even among what I typically see.

It's amazing how each day gives you something new to look at and enjoy.
Every sunset is different; no two are ever the same.
A new beauty is bestowed and gifted to us if we only take the time to look.
I love that photography gives me the chance receive such gifts.
It's heavenly.

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