Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it. -Henry S. Haskins

It feels so good to conquer a challenging task, does it not?

Taking the click of this sunlit spider was a challenge for me. (So was looking at this image and editing it!!) I do NOT like spiders. The thought of a spider is enough to make my eyebrows clench and my lips curl in disgust. But, I did it away.

In real life (vs. behind the security of my camera) challenges can get a bit harder and more extreme. I'm discovering that there are some tasks that seemed so insurmountable that I want to hide from them until they simply go away.

However, if hiding worked and the challenges just vanished, I know I would feel defeated. I would know that I let myself down. I would feel shallow and deflated.

It's the challenge, I think, that sometimes keeps us moving in the direction of our goals and dreams. It's the "can't" when we know we "can."  It's the "I DID IT!" when you (or others) didn't think you could.

All of a sudden I have a story from my childhood in my head: "I think I can! I think I can! I know I can! I did it!!!" (It's from the "Little Engine that Could" in case anyone doesn't know it.)

You know...sometimes I have no idea where these words in my blog come from. I know they flow from my brain through my fingers.... but writing this post just gave me a kick in my own behind. There's things scaring the crap out of me in my life right now: Challenges beyond challenges. And now, after reading my own words, I know I can rise to the occasion and meet every one of them. I don't know how, yet. Thankfully though, God's got my back. Of this, I know.

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    You are so right...God does have your back!