Christmas Memories

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.  - Laura Ingalls Wilder

The author of this quote brings up such good memories for me.
I read all of her books when I was a child.
I believe my mom read them and now, my nieces read them.

Christmas always seems to stir up memories.
A couple Christmas memories stand out for me now.

The first memory is when I was in the 4th grade.
My brother and I got spoiled beyond belief that year (we always did) - but this year the presents were big and they took up the whole living room. We both received desks for our rooms to do our school work on. My mom had got them 2nd hand and had sanded them down, primed and painted them for us. I also got an old portable sewing machine. Mom helped me sew a couple sleeping bags for my Barbie dolls with it.

The other Christmas memory I treasure is the last Christmas my Dad was with us.
He bought my mom a heart necklace. He had written a beautiful note and placed it in the box with the gift. Mom read the words and began to cry. Then, one by one, the rest of the family read the words and cried, too. My Dad wrote that he was giving Mom his heart - forever.
I truly believe my Dad knew that THAT Christmas was going to be his last Christmas on earth with us.

Memories can be happy.
Memories can be sad.
Memories can even be bittersweet.
No matter what they are... I treasure each one...because I believe memories are priceless gifts we give ourselves.

Merry Christmas, Mom.
I know you miss Dad.
I love you.


  1. my fondest memory happened when I was 8 years old. I had prayed and prayed for a bike for Christmas. We were very, very poor and Santa could not afford one. The day before Christmas, my dad found someone who sold him a used one for 7 dollars, that was a lot in 1952. It was under the tree and i really believed Santa brought it. It was not until i was much older that daddy told me about finding it the day before Chrismtas. i love memories. thanks for sharing yours. Both my parents are no longer with me and this is the time for all those memories.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    That was so beautiful, Tweetie.

  3. What wonderful Christmas memories those are for you to cherish! That's a gorgeous Christmas image too!

  4. This is a beautiful Christmas photo,& I really love your precious memories. Thank you for sharing. You are so right, they are priceless gifts we give ourselves.

    I wish for you a wonderful Christmas.

  5. What a wonderful holiday image. I like how the cones and leaves are so fresh and perfect. The fog is great too. Well done!