In the Quiet

You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it. - Pat Obuchowski

I found these skeletal remains in the quiet of yesterday's garden.
I also found productivity, satisfaction, tranquility and life among the weeds.

What do you find in the quiet?


  1. It depends on the quiet. there is the quiet of sitting on the beach, with the waves rolling in, the quiet of the woods, the quiet of sitting in the swing in my back yard. The beach i feel relaxed and at peace, the woods i feel energetic and good, the back yard I like but i tend to think to much, my mind does not turn off. I love total quiet and rarely here it for the white noise of city living. I most like the quiet of the woods.

  2. food for my soul ...

  3. The grace of a leaf never goes away, does it! I love the quiet of the wild country, for there with no distractions I begin to understand my part in the natural world.

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  5. The whisper of the wind, the sound of a butterflies wings, the beating of my own heart, as I watch a cloud drift by, high in the sky.....

  6. This has to be a favorite of mine! I LOVE LEAVES!
    What do I find in the quiet? Normally the quiet I find is in the woods - so I find squirrels happily munching on their favorite nuts, birds chirping, leaves rustling. Those are my favorite "quiet" sounds!!