Little Fellow

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own. - Harold Coffin

Doogie wanted to make sure everyone knew he was still top dog on this blog. He allowed me to post an image of his cousin yesterday - but then he drew the line in the sand.

Doogie isn't typically the jealous type.

He doesn't mind if I aim my camera at grass, or birds, or flowers, or the car (he dislikes the flashing red light on the camera). He doesn't mind if I wash my face and hands (he's not fond of baths). He doesn't mind if I have a glass of water (he prefers food).

However, he does get jealous if I go near the frig and don't bring him back something to eat. He'll even get green eye'd if I grab my keys and leave his leash hanging in the hallway.

I've tried hard to get him to count his blessings.
I've reminded him that his Gammy gives him cheese upon his arrival at her house.
I've showed him the soft foam pad he has under his thermal lined bed and soft fleece blanket he gets to bury himself in when I'm away. He tastes the fish oil on his dinner every single night. He gets to see his harness and leash almost every single day. And, I've also explained to him that not every dog has this many stuffed toys to play with.

For some reason though, these blessings don't measure up when he is riding in the car.

Specifically - when we are slowing down in the car (like at stop signs or off ramps).
Anytime the foot comes off the accelerator my little fellow begins to whine.
And if you slow down and/or make a turn - holy moly - the whine turns to shrieking and then
shockingly loud howling.
My cute, sweet, innocent looking paw baby.

For some reason (perhaps something happened before we adopted each other) he thinks he will get left in the car when I take him places. He has to know he gets to get out of the car. I tell him where we are going when we go to get in the car. Example: Want to go see Grammy? Let's go see Grammy! Doogie's tail wags and he runs to the door for his harness and leash. He's great riding in the car. Until it slows down or stops at stop lights. Or goes below 30 miles an in school zones. Or if I need to turn at an intersection.


So... I'm asking a favor here.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my little paw baby to be calm in the car when it slows down? I've tried treats to distract him. I've tried anxiety meds. I've tried to desensitize him by driving slowly and stopping and not getting out of the car and going again. I've tried ignoring him. I've talked with three vets. NOTHING works.

I'd be forever grateful if you would share your ideas.
Or... if you would come drive him to my mom's for me the next time we go.
I'll lead the way in my car.
You take Doogie in yours.


  1. Doogie is adorable! But I have NO IDEA how to help with the howling. Sorry!

  2. Go take a walk to your grammy's???? No just kidding. I have no clue yet. But I'll spread the word and aks around for you and Doogie.
    He's tooo cute.

  3. have you tried shrieking louder than he? he's cute his paws and toenails!

  4. i wish I knew what you could do, both our dogs have things they do we want to stop, like Jake eating poop that baby drops, just when we think he has given it up, he falls off the wagon. doogie is adorable. i will ask around my pet friends and let you know If anyone knows a trick. you are probably right about the before you got him. i will never understand what people do to pets. leaving a dog in a car is unexceptable. maybe you will get a voluteer to follow you to Gammy's next time.

  5. What a great face!
    I think you should get him his own car so you can drive separately...

  6. He's so cute he can ride in my car any time! I'd be happy to take him and the Jeep is well used to hearing a racket: our previous dog was always so excited to ride that he whined all the time. As far as I know, there's no stopping it. But he tolerated my foibles and I guess it was only fair that I tolerated his. I always thought I still came out ahead.

  7. Very questioning look on the little guy! Sounds like he owns you, no doubt about it!

  8. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Did you get anyone to volunteer to drive Doogie? ha

  9. I love your doggies, they are so cute. BTW, I love your header photo, they are tulips right?

  10. Thanks all for your comments, thoughts and ideas and laughs. With all of Doogie's shenanigans of howling in the car - I will keep him. I am blessed with him at my side. I just wish I could figure something out so that when he piercingly shrieks I don't jump or somehow cause an accident. He's just that shocking at times.

    And yes, Eileeninmd - they are tulips. Thanks!