Adding Definition

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.  - Michelangelo

Sometimes I get a glimpse of what an image can be before I click.
At other times I play with photo filters in order to create something more creative and more unique.

I think there is a little Michelangelo beating inside the heart of every artist.
We see with our minds and our hearts and begin to add and subtract elements until we reveal the masterpiece we knew resided there.

Our Creator is the Grand Master Artist.  I know He's still perfecting His work in me: 
- molding my thoughts
- sanding off rough emotions
- inserting pearls of wisdom deep within my soul
- painting on murals of character
- adding definition and promise to my life, one layer at a time.


  1. A very wonderful photo ~ the yellow just pops out! It looks like sunshine! :)

  2. Beautiful as always. The perfect words for a wonderful image.

  3. Well said Stacey! I took an image of a dandelion this past weekend. Yours is way better than mine!

  4. Whatever you did with this picture , it's a nice Breath of "color" with the greyish days we have here!!

  5. I love how vivid this photo is. I love all your photos and look forward to your thoughtful words as well.

  6. That turned out great! You seem to always be able to turn a photo into a piece of art!

  7. Ah, yellow flower season, always a sign of spring. And I love the inspirational thoughts that you always share. Nicely done.

  8. Hi Stacey,...I love this post. And your new layout, although I miss the header you used before...Have a happy day.

  9. I love your CREATIVE side. this one is lovely. I too like to play with the image i get and change it. i entertain myself a lot with photoshop. you are so right about The Creator. that is what i love about a camera, i can grab God's masterpiece and keep that moment in time.

  10. Your photos and accompanying thoughts always give me something of beauty to look at and something of substance to think about. Our creativity is given to us as a blessed gift from the ultimate Creator Himself.

  11. Anonymous5:02 PM