Revelations in the shadows

The shadows: some hide, others reveal.  - Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

This 7 hour old bull (that's what I was told) lying part in shadow, part in full sun got me to thinking about our maturing processes as individuals.

Sometimes we seek knowledge and understanding in books, via the Internet, in a classroom or by talking with others.  There are times though when enlightenment and discovery is best gleaned in the shadows and away from the glare and clamor of others' well-meaning input. 

In the peaceful shadows I have found:
- stillness for my soul
- rest for my weary body
- peace for my struggling heart
- restoration of spirit

I have found:
- wisdom in my own mind
- motivation to continue on
- a resolution to a problem
- an answer to a prayer

I have found God.


  1. OK, so thrilled I am blog-hoppin' this morning and I found a friend who finds God in all of His creations......(especially farm animals)

    I have some of my best God moments in my barn, LOL.

    I will be back! :)

  2. What a nice post to start my day with ...thank you!

  3. He is adorable and precious. I always feel I have found God again and again when i see baby animals. you are so right about the peace we receive from sometimes being alone. it is hard to hear God talk to us if noise is breaking our connection. I love your blog because it makes me THINK

  4. What a beautiful face.. and similarly, your introspection is lovely and touching.

  5. I love those beautiful brown eyes! Beautiful thoughts as well.

  6. What a great picture to express the theme of this post! I never thought that shadows reveal and hide, so you've given me something to think about today! Did you write the poem? I do love it, each line is true, and you've found so many different ways stillness and shadows can help us. A beautiful side to shadows is a different way of looking at them!

  7. So true sister, out of the darkness of the shadows comes light. Handsome little fella there!

    Have a great day in the Lord!!!

  8. Oh I'm gladd you've found the shade. God is everywere isn't he. Even in the most remote places and corners of the world.
    Hope your fine. Hugs D.

  9. nice that bovine...just learned that's what cows are called. Who knew.

  10. Oh ~ such a sweet baby bull! So cute! I always think we can learn from animals too!

    Lovely post!
    xo Catherine

  11. What a cute photo! Very nice post.