Alive with Sound

Everybody should have his personal sounds to listen for - sounds that will make him exhilarated and alive or quiet and calm.... One of the greatest sounds of them all - and to me it is a sound - is utter, complete silence. -- Andre Kostelanetz

There are sounds that can exhilarate and calm me at the same time:
The sound of a camera clicking is one of them (ha!)

Another sound is the waves crashing at the ocean...
and the rain as it falls softly on my windows.

Birds singing in the morning...
 and the wind whispering through tall grasses and tree leaves.

Belly-laughing children...
the first Christmas carol of the season...
puppies playing...
the snapping shut of a book at end of a great read...
a call from a loved one.

Hearing God speak through powerful music...
His written word...
or in the echoing silence...
and in my soul.

What sounds make you come alive?


  1. Last night I got to hear the sound of my 4 mth old great niece laughing while I was playing with greater sound...

  2. the laughter of my grandson ... have a great week-end

  3. For me, that means monks singing a capella, fountains splashing, ocean waves crashing, birds tweeting outside our bedroom window, my car's ignition turning on, wind chimes, husband's voice...:)

  4. music that makes the hair stand up on my arms and sends chills through me.
    of course the click of the camera, the sighing of my dogs, heavy sighs make me smile and feel good, smiles of my friends at the nursing home, toothless ones are best. I could go on and on. i will close with the silence of my new HP desktop (my gateway was NOISY)

  5. I love your title, picture, and thoughts on sounds. The flower is so beautiful, it looks like either a Hibiscus or a Poppy, but then Poppys are red and orange. I hear each sound in my head as you talk about them, so I am refreshed now!! I never thought about the clicking of a camera being both exhilirating and calming, but so it is! This is a great question to pose. I love the sounds of birds singing, children laughing, my husband laughing, something sizzling in the skillet, the rustling of leaves as breezes blow, the far off wail of a train whistle and the rumbling on the tracks. Sounds I DON'T like are the alarm clock, trucks and airplanes going by, dogs howling.

  6. Oh this yellow just pops out at you doesn't it!?! So lovely!

    The sound of my son laughing, the sound of my cat purring and the sound of my husband whispering "I love you" in my ear makes me come alive!

    Such a wonderful post Stacey Dawn ~ I hope you are hearing all those lovely sounds today! (errr... except for the Christmas carol...too early to start thinking of that yet! Ha!)

    xo Catherine

  7. Your flowers are so amazing!

  8. That's a beautiful photo! Well composed and nicely shot.

  9. I really like the quote. I am very much a silence person myself...What a beautiful flower. Do you know what kind it is?

  10. My goodness but you certainly have the most beautiful flowers ~ your garden must be a delight!

  11. The distant train whistle, water lapping at the shore, gentle rain,the mutual loving silence of sitting beside my husband.
    My granddaughters sharing their special thoughts with me.

  12. Thunderstorms and purring cats do it for me. Gorgeous pic!

  13. I thought you said the rain was pounding on your windows. :)

  14. i love hearing the wind...angry and fierce in winter if i am cozy in the house and soft and cool in the summer to refresh me...but i have a huge list so i will stop there. lovely post my dear!!!