Father's Day

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.  - Ruth E. Renkel

I've been thinking of my Dad - so much - as Father's Day approaches.
And, as I think of him, one word seems to stand out in my mind:  Faith.

My Dad was a Christian and loved Jesus with his whole heart.  His Faith continues to hold me together as I struggle in life.  His Faith, and that of my Mom's, helps keep me and my Faith strong.

It's been 14 and one half years since his passing, but his spirit has never left my side.
I hear it in song - see it in copper pennies - feel it in the depths of my brothers' and nieces' eyes.

My dad was a loving, kind, funny, wonderful, generous man.
He loved his wife.  He loved his children. He loved me.
He spoiled and disciplined us.  He spoiled and disciplined me.
He prayed for us.  He prayed for me.
He was there for us.  He was there for me.

Strong - close to my heart - and with me always....my Dad.
I love and miss you so much.

Happy Father's Day to you, Dad - and to all the Dad's out there.


  1. What a wonderful post to your father. I lost my dad 10 1/2 years ago. I still miss him and think of him often.

    Your photo is beautiful Stacey Dawn!

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  2. I have been working on my post for tomorrow in honor of my dad, fighting tears and trying to come up with what i wanted to say. I just added the link to this post to my tomorrow post because every single word you wrote is exactly what i would have said if i were a writer like you are. thanks for sharing and it is good to know we both had Fathers of Faith.

  3. I got so emotional reading and commenting, i forgot to say the photo is extraorinary! the duck is so perfect it looks like it is made of silver and so sharp and clear I wanted to reach in and touch it.

  4. what a beautiful duck!

  5. this is beautiful honey. love the duck's perspective

  6. Oh, Stacey, what can I say? I wish I had known your dad! This is a wonderful tribute, and how blessed you were to have him. I did not have a dad like that in my life, and for many of my younger days was bitter about that and felt cheated. I can tell that your dad had a profound effect on you, because part of his spirit is in you. Our struggles all help to refine us and make us more like Jesus, and I see that so much in you, with your kindnesses that you show to everyone. I know this wonderful man would be so proud of you!! Your photo is such a good illustration, in more ways than one! The beautiful mallard, his feathers absolutly glow, and his big orange feet just pop out. He was all I saw until I took a second look after reading. It was then that I saw he was watching over his babies. So much in our younger life, we only see the dad first, not until way later do we truly realize the watching over part, and the love.

  7. Very nice, Stacey. What you've said about your Dad is something I think every Dad would want to hear from his children. It's nice to know that he's with the Lord and you will be reunited one day and for eternity. Isn't that hopeful and amazing?

  8. This is one terrific image and tribute to your dad ... you can almost feel the feathers.

  9. A beautiful homage to your father, he must be proud of you over the rainbows

  10. What a lovely tribute to give for your Dad.
    Most of what you say,could be said about my Dad.He was a strong man of faith and taught me how to live the christian life.

  11. Beautiful quotes here thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday!

    Six petals

  12. I think your Dad accomplished what he set out to do. Your great photo nicely fits the quote.

  13. A wonderful tribute to your Dad. What a precious thing your Dad has past on to you and to your family.
    God bless

  14. How lucky you are to have had such a great Dad. And, it's also wonderful that he stays with you every day through your memories of him. Have a Happy Father's Day, dear Stacey.

  15. What a wonderful tribute to your dad.

  16. Such great colors in this duck's head and feathers. Exquisite detail!!

  17. what a wonderful photo for father's day...proud daddy.

    your words were very touching and beautiful.

  18. A lovely depiction!

  19. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Did I tell you how beautiful this is? Tear jerker too...
    Sure was a nice day yesterday, huh? xxoo

  20. Great photo to go with this post! How's the card business doing?