An Imperfect Perfection

Once you accept the fact that you're not perfect, then you develop some confidence. - Rosalynn Carter

I have long since called myself "An Imperfect Perfection." However, there seems to be themes popping up all around me telling me that I need to do more than simply accept my imperfections. Songs filled with lyrics and movies with quoted one-liners seem to be telling me to embrace the imperfect Me that I am supposed to be.

Throughout most of my life I've lived through events that have caused me to believe "if I had been good, better, perfect" the horrible thing that happened well, wouldn't have. And, on some level, I know that just isn't true.

While I know that my past has created the Imperfect Perfection I am today, it isn't something I welcome with open arms. I find myself fighting with my imperfections instead of accepting them and allowing them to create the person God wants me to be.

We all have imperfections. I know that we all make mistakes. We all sin. We all say or do things that we wish we could take back or change. And, all of that should make it easier for me to accept. But... it doesn't.

I know God is working hard on me right now. I know He's trying to get me to relax into Him and know that He accepts me with all my many imperfections. I'm trying to get to that place of relaxation - fast - as I know it will be a time in my life I will relish.

Perhaps I'm more aware of these "imperfect" thoughts because Easter Sunday is three days away... Easter, the time to celebrate Christ's resurrection after dying for my imperfections and sin.


Happy Easter to you and yours. May your weekend be filled with His many blessings.