We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. - Author Unknown

Yowza! This quote reached out and yanked my hair this morning!

I may (or may not) have been complaining lately about more changes going on in my life. Changes I'm not liking. Changes beyond my control. Changes that require me to PRAY, to be STILL and to WAIT on the Lord for His direction, guidance and wisdom.

My Mom reminded me last week, "Patience is a Virtue." I laughed with a reply, "That's what I've heard!"


I prefer action. I prefer to "fix it now!" I prefer to snap my fingers and have the the horrible wrong reversed in an instant. I want the sick healed, the grieving to find joy, the lost to be found and the broken to be made like new. And, I want to do it NOW.

The truth is, Jesus is the only One who can do those things. And, He does it in His time - not mine. He also fixes/heals/finds in ways that are beyond my comprehension. Usually, He does these things by allowing change to happen in my (or your) life.

It's no secret that I've gone through hard times. (We all do.) However, as I reflect back on those events I get a sense of the strength and growth that's occurred within me because of what I've been through.

Would I want to repeat the situations in my life that caused me harm and pain? No! Not in a million years! And, not even for a billion dollars! However, the strength, clarity and realization of how much I need Him on a daily basis... I wouldn't trade for the world.

Changes make us who we are. Changes help make us who we desire to become. Changes create in me the desire for all He wants me to be.

Blessings and Inspiration to you all today - in and through all the changes you face along the way.

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