Home Sweet Home

I'm linking up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday's. Today's topic is Home. The idea is to write for five minutes without editing your thoughts.

Here I go:

Home means two different things to me: my earthly home and my heavenly home.

My earthly home is where I lay my head, unwind, spend time with God and dream big dreams.
My earthly home is also the home I grew up in with my family. Every time I visit I am reminded of safety, love, and tons of memories.

My heavenly home is where my Dad and sister are. It's where Jesus lives and I can't wait to one day be there with Him. I imagine Heaven to be beyond anything I could ever dream of - glorious, gorgeous, brilliant, bright, peaceful, full of light and love and praise.

Some days I struggle in my own home with the pressures of this life. Yet I know that these struggles help me to grow and get closer to the One I will spend eternity with.

I know I'm supposed to write for five minutes, but today this is all that comes up regarding home... so I'm ending at 3.5 minutes.


Blessings to you and yours this weekend. May you feel loved and cherished in your earthly home. May you know you will one day be in your Heavenly home.

PS: Image is of the backyard where I grew up. My Mom's little barn and a sweet memory of my Dad singing to my Mom, "His wings are wet, his wings are wet" as a bee swam inside the wet tulip.

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