Phooey Gooey - Icky Stuff

Why wait for the weekend to have fun? - Loesje,

What do you do when your week is full of phooey- gooey-icky stuff?

Well... I indulge myself with some good old-fashioned phun! (And yes, I'm borrowing phun from Scott!)

My first stop was the local McDonald's Drive-Thru window for a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. (Notice the chocolate was long gone before I attempted a click.) And, don't you worry your pretty (or handsome) head about it... Doogie got a bite. Although you probably can't tell from looking at him in his carrier, can you?

We then headed to one of our favorite spots for a walk. Doogie gets to sniff every blade of grass and I get to enjoy plenty of clicks along a winding river and an old barn. We followed our walk with a nice, quiet drive through farm country.

There's just something about tall green and gold grasses swaying in the breeze that lift my spirits and bring me peace. And yes, I still get that peaceful feeling looking at them in black and white. ☺

Here's hoping your week is full of joy and no phooey-gooey-icky stuff.