Another Answered Prayer

The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear Him. - William McGill

Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things. - Samuel M. Shoemaker

The past few days have had me a bit distraught with the overwhelmingness of certain situations. I've been praying for months for God's favor - especially in relation to the sale of Robert's home.

I spoke with a neighbor today who offered to help. Others may also be willing to help as well.

Goosebumps and tears well up as I imagine how Robert would feel knowing his neighbors are coming together to help him in the sale of his home.

I feel abundantly blessed to live in a community with such willing and caring people.

I'm still praying for more help in my life because, well, I need it. However, today's answered prayer reminds me that God is good, He is forever faithful and always by my side.

PS: These images are homework from my Kim Klassen's Skinny Mini e-course. The first image is my own "recipe" of textures, adjustment layers and text. The second image (an underground home I saw in Republic, Washington) is a specific recipe of text layers as suggested by Kim.