Talkin' about Freedom

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. - William Faulkner

This bird reminds me of freedom because it:

- flies when and where it pleases
- lives among beautiful trees, plants, bushes and flowers
- sails on the wings of the wind with the sun shining on it's back
- plays in puddles of water with reckless abandon

This bird is free.... free to just BE and to LIVE as it was meant to.

That statement leads me to question: Are you free?

I've been asking myself that question as our Independence Day approached. And, I've determined that I am not free.

I live in a country proclaiming freedom and in that regard yes, I am free. However, in my own mind and life I feel the heavy chains of pain, illness, weariness and fear wrapped tightly around my heart and home.

I try and keep the door shut to anyone who could stomp on my heart, again. I turn the key in the deadbolt when I sense a muttering of deceit, again. I shut out the world in order to keep out every situation that could harm me in any way. In a sense, I've built a wall around myself to keep out the risk of more pain and suffering. I've literally imprisoned myself.

Life is full of risks. It's full of imperfect human beings (like me) that can and do cause pain (most of the time unintentionally).

I realize that I am not living the life I was meant to live. I am not the person I know God wants me to be. I see that I have not put my trust and faith in Him for the protection, guidance and wisdom He alone promises.

Life has changed these past few days. I've felt freer because I've allowed myself to get out and live a full life. I've gotten out and experienced friendships, joy, love, peace and serenity. I've laughed, I've had fun, I've played and I've relaxed. I felt free. I was free. I am FREE.

God is teaching me to release my self-imposed prison sentence. He is helping me realize that I must be willing to take risks in order to truly live life and to be completely free. Pain and suffering is part of life. Loss isn't something we can prevent from happening no matter how many locks we turn in our heart and home.

I'm breaking free of the binding chains. It's time to live FREE. I hope you will, too.

PS: Happy Independence Day to the U.S.A! And, a belated Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north. 

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