Fully Alive

In every moment, the quality of your life is on the line.  In each, you are either fully alive or relatively dead. - Dan Millman

Hello all! Good golly it's nice to see you all again.

This month "plus" blog vacation has been very good for me. I've been busy learning to live my life and not merely exist.

My tattered and torn heart has been healing.

There's been ups and downs and everything in between. Isn't that what real life is?

I've felt real smiles all the way to my core being. I've gotten covered in dirt and grime while sweat stung my eyes and laughter split my sides. I've enjoyed friendships, amazing blessings and experienced a new life that I can't wait to share with you.

Details will be coming. Slowly.

Life is still happening - as it should be - and I'll be balancing my life with blogging.

So tell me, what's been happening with you? Details, please!