Little Beginnings

Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.  - Baltasar Gracian

Pretend the weed in this image is ripe, golden wheat.

If you picture this as wheat (I do), then stretch yourself a bit more to see how it can begin as a tiny piece of grain and end up a delicious loaf of bread.

Can you smell it's scent?

Now picture this warm bread slathered with butter or dipped in your favorite sauce. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

This little metaphor I'm writing about is how my life has been lately. There has been so many tiny grains of wheat beginning to grow, change and morph into unknown outcomes of possibility.

I've thought about closing down my blog because I don't currently have in me what I feel is needed to keep it going. I admit my blog has been an outlet for me.

It was a way to connect and communicate with others outside of my cocoon and to express myself creatively.

I've recently realized that it's time to explore life outside of the online community (even though I very much cherish and miss our friendships).

I need to find and follow the inspiration for my own life.
I need to see who I truly am in Christ.
I need to discover what His plans are for the life He blessed me with.

It's time. Truly, it's time.

I've eluded to what this past August meant to me in terms of growth and opportunities. I've struggled through much fear, lots of pain and tons of grief. However, I have made new and wonderful (true) friends, and experienced life in ways that I haven't been able to for many years. I do have images to go with these life experiences - just no inspirational words to accompany them - yet.

I think my heart and soul are treasuring what I've done and learned. I just need more time to pray and mull over the events to see what comes next for me in my life.

Best wishes of joy, hope and inspiration to each of you!

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