Answered Prayer

Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. - Søren Kierkegaard

Early last Spring I was shopping in a garden center for seed packets to grow in my container garden. As I was browsing, I overheard a man say that it was too late in the season to grow tomatoes from seed and that it would be best to wait until tomato plants were available in the Nursery.

I thought to myself, "God can make these tomato seeds grow into ripe tomatoes!"

Pear Tomato seeds were purchased, planted in my mini "greenhouse" (clear plastic container), prayed over and began to sprout within two weeks. I was ecstatic!

The seedlings were transplanted outdoors after the danger of frost had past.

The baby plants began to grow, even though our Summer was lacking in heat this year. A few blossoms appeared. And, in September three green pear-shaped tomatoes were seen through my window.

Autumn approached along with strong winds, cooler weather and some rain. I kept praying, "Lord, please - just one ripe Pear Tomato."

And, that's just what I received: ONE ripe Pear Tomato.

I ate it today.

It was yummy.

I've been thanking and praising God all through the Summer as I watched it grow, bloom and produce it's beautiful fruit. I thanked God again as I sliced it open and popped each half into my mouth.

I realized again that God answers little prayers about little things, too. He reminded me that I can trust Him in all things - large and small.

The proof is in my image "Answered Prayer."