Everything in moderation, including moderation. - Author Unknown

My motto lately has been: "I do what I can, when I can."

I've been told "everything in moderation." I've also been told that one should have a "balance" in life.

I think those statements make good points. However, like most people, I tend to experience the ups and downs of life in ebbs and flows and not in a way that allows for balance and moderation.

As I sit at my computer, editing pictures, reading blogs, and commenting, I realize how much I miss this community of friendship and creativity, sharing and love. Life circumstances have kept me from doing things I love: taking photos, creating images, keeping in contact with friends, and blogging.

Because life continues to evolve, I've begun praying almost immediately after waking. I ask God specifically to help me to do today what He wants me to do and to help me let go of the worry, stress and frustration of the other "to dos" that must be tackled.
My new ritual has helped me feel calmer and more restored in the past few weeks, which I believe has allowed me to spend time doing what I've missed: being creative. I think I'm finding the moderation to my moderating.

Giving God my day has allowed me to actually live my life instead of having it run me into the ground.

Until next time, may peace be within you.