For each new morning with its light,

For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Thanksgiving, I thought I'd make a note to count ten blessings:

1) My Mom
2) Talking with relatives and friends both near and far
3) Doogie not needing surgery after an injury
4) Neighbors that are friends
5) Lacy leaves leaving shadows on walls
6) Peppermint ice cream
7) Pumpkin pie
8) Flannel pj's
9) Memories of past Thanksgivings where both food and family were plentiful
10) Feeling my Dad's presence in my heart
11) Curtains over windows
12) A local print shop
13) Perfectly rainy November days
14) Puddles with reflections in them
15) A Hobby Lobby opening up nearby
16) My immediate family being together for the holidays
17) Orange tulips flowing gracefully from their vase
18) Warm bed and comfy pillows
19) A roof over my head
20) Friends I can count on
21) Grace from God
22) Forgiveness
23) Love
24) Joy
25) Gratitude
26) My Bible
27) My blog friends
28) My camera
29) Fingers and toes
30) Eyes to see
31) Ears to ear
32) Life
33) Laughter
34) Music
35) Beauty
36) Nature
37) Seeing a hummingbird today
38) Birds singing with a variety of voices
39) Honey from Blackberry Bushes
40) Christmas movies

And, the list goes on... and thankfully on.

How about you? Have you counted your blessings lately?

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA. May your day be filled with countless blessings.

Until next time... Peace, Gratitude and Inspiration to you.