Blog problems

A lot of my posts (including the most recent) have been deleted.  I don't know why.

I was updating labels and the posts deleted as I removed old labels.
I've tried to contact Google...

I even tried to upload my backup and got THIS look on my blog now.

Hoping and praying it will get restored...

Stacey Dawn


  1. i think it will be restored, last year I had several in drafts that were deleted and 3 of the already posted, the newest ones, deleted and they came back in a few days. i am finding crazy things this morning. all my side bar blogs i follow, the thumb nails are gone. what i do is read my favorites first there,then the rest in google reader. today when i click on the link it asked me how i want to subscribe, and i don't know what to do with it. they must be making changes again

  2. Blogger can do some crazy things at times--hope all will be restored--!

  3. My dear sweet DIL had her whole dang blog removed for some reason then like magic the next day....there is was again.

    I do hope ya get the problem resolves....stinkin' blogger anyway!!!

    Best ya luck to ya!

    God bless and hopefully the day will get better :o)


  4. Oh darn. I hope it resolves shortly.

  5. Please pray friend, Farm Boy is on the way to the hospital with his Mama. Elevated BP, dizziness and some other issues. The assisted livin' facility thought it more urgent than a Dr. visit.

    Thanks :o)

  6. I had tried to find you earlier ... hope you will soon have your posts restored.

  7. Blogger can raise my blood pressure faster than anything.
    Hope everything gets resolved and your pictures come back.