Writing Question

The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say. - Mark Twain

I have a question for you today:

If you could write about anything - without fear of recrimination or what others thought - what would you write about?


  1. I thought I'd post my answer to my question above: I'd write whatever came to mind - unabashedly and freely - without care to who might read it.

  2. Great shot....beautiful colors...

    I think I would also write about whatever came to my mind...Usually there's something mulling around in there and usually it comes out in form or another.....but often I do have to censor who hears it so it would be very freeing to have no judgement.....

  3. I would expose my deepest thought,tears and all.

  4. I'd write about how my father could tear me down with his words but I will never do that as long as my mom is alive.

    Whew, that was heavy.

    Let me give ya a laugh...pop over and catch up at Cow Patty! Heeehehhee!!!

    God bless ya and have an awesome day sweeite!!! :o)

  5. Stacey, this is such a good question, and so deep...I need to really think. I think it would be about being under grace and not the law, which is the ministry of death and condemnation. Or maybe about my life and what I've learned from it. Now you have to answer, too!

  6. the new looks is great, i love the header, looks almost like the woods are on fire. glad to see you back posting and can tell you have been playing with your blog. there is nothing i would write about, since i can't write and don't have the desire to write. i am trying to think what my subject would be if i could get on a soap box and rant and rave without fear, but there is just to much to pick one.

  7. I'm not sure ... it's a freeing thought though. It's good to have you back again.

  8. I guess I would write about the inner fears I have even after all these years on earth.
    Its taken a long time for me to really say what's on my mind instead of always being the people pleaser.
    Good question and a bit scary too.
    I like the new YOU. Keep it going.

  9. Great question!! I'm not sure I can even articulate it here. But it really does bear thinking about. It seems most people are constantly self editing. But the ones who aren't, are the most memorable.

    Love your new header.

    – g