Breaking out

Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you're locked up. - Author Unknown

Spring is here.  Oh, thank God, Spring is here!!

The blossoming trees, the new growth on shrubs, the bulbs sprouting bright colored flowers are but a metaphor for the breaking out of the angry prison I've found myself to be in.

To my surprise, I was recently told, "It's about time your feeling angry!"

I've been quick to blame myself for others' short-comings.  I've taken personal responsibility for the actiosn of others that were based solely on their own selfish needs.

The thoughts surrounding this have been torturous to me in many ways.

I've forgiven only to make new discoveries in betrayls that cause my insides to burn. 

I haven't been comfortable being angry about things (abuse, betrayal, etc.).  It's much easier for me to be angry about the injustice done to others. 

I'm learning compassion for myself.  It's not an easy task. 

I've had heart to heart talks with God about my belief in being inherently bad from the day I was born. 

However, He reminded me that He created me, knew me before I was born and loves me still:
Knowing this helps me to welcome the feelings of anger and rage.  Yes, rage. 

I welcome those feelings because they are a notch in the key that is unlocking my prison door.

Today I give thanks to God for the blessings of honesty, true friends, sincerely good people that I can trust, who continue to call when I refuse to answer the phone and who accept me and find me worthwhile - anger, flaws, and all.

Happy Spring to you.  May you find a new birth inside of you, too.


  1. So glad to read this...the title of your post is very fitting. And, Happy Spring to you too...I love it too!

  2. You are on your way girl.....stay centered on Christ and He will definitely show you the way to freedom....

    I am very excited about Spring as well.....

  3. What a beautiful and thought-provoking post Stacey.
    Thank you, and a very Happy Spring to you!

  4. It is much harder to forgive others than to forgive ourselves, and we are harder on ourselves than on our friends! It is good to get your anger out and know the source.

  5. Love that quote, Stacey, and the comparison of Spring growth to our own. If anger is a key to some chains binding you, then I'm grateful for it! Wishing you peace in the long run, though!

  6. With spring popping up it really does make us feel that all things are possible. Beautiful!
    xo Catherine

  7. Ain't it grand, I can feel your freedom in your words sweetie!

    Happy Spring my friend.

    God bless and have an excellent week. :o)

  8. Rejoicing for you! And welcoming spring!

  9. Spring is a time of newness,in nature and in our hearts.

  10. Beautifully said. It is hard to find compassion for ourselves. Thankful for new growth all around! :)

  11. Keep on evolving, SD. Seasons are ever changing. Happy Spring. :)

  12. What a lovely spring shot! So full of hope and so brave to push through the snow.

  13. Happy spring to you too, Stacey! What a beautiful image!

  14. cheers to you for getting angry and for sharing that with us. the photo is gorgeous.