Flickering Pilot Light

She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes. - Frank Deford

I love pink tulips!  They are my second favorite flower (pink roses being my first).

These pink tulips are blooming right outside my living room window. 

And, every time I see them, I think of a friend who recently sent me a message via another friend. 

The message reminded me of days long ago.  Days that were filled with hard work, purpose, helping others, friendship, the obviousness of circumstances and laughter.... so much laughter. 

I'm so grateful for memories!
Wishing you light, love, inspiration and joy today!

PS:  KK Waterstained Texture applied


  1. i have used that quote on my blog many times and it is so true, we can look at photos of times past and remember, or we can look at a current photo someone takes and it will make our memories flame again.
    beautiful photo and i like tulips more than roses, in fact i am not a rose lover. i love all flowers, but roses are my least favorite. my favorite is white or yellow daisies. i just love daises. and also sunflowers.

  2. I Love the pink tulips!! Gorgeous! I like laughter also, makes me feel better:)really

  3. Beautiful image. Pictures bring so many memories.Enjoy this day

  4. Right back at'cha sweet sister!!!

    Lookin' mighty good over here Miss Stacey Dawn!

    I love the little tulip blossom in the corner...a very sweet reminder of hope to come.

    Your pictures, quotes and scriptures are always a highlight in my day sweetie.

    God bless and do have a great one yourself my friend!!! :o)

  5. I love pink tulips also.. and most pink flowers.. and purple.. and..

    I love your photos.

  6. A beautiful photo, Stacey! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Laughter memories are the best kind. This is going to be a great blog Stacey.
    I do live tulips.

  8. How beautiful this is Stacey!
    than you for letting me know about your new location.
    I truly appreciate it.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead!

  9. Hello Stacey,
    Wonderful colored shot!! Nice to see the second tulip in the background.

    Much greetings,

  10. If you have such lovely tulips then you must be experiencing wonderful weather! Lucky girl! It is rainy snowy and cold here. But ~ everything is starting to really green up ~ so that is a good thing!

    Love your new look Stacey!

    Happy Saturday!
    xo Catherine

  11. I love tulips too! Possibly my favorite flower! ~ Hey, I need to add you to my "communit map" is it possible that I never knew you were from Puget Sound? I really don't think I knew that! You have been a dear friend to pray for me over the months. Such a blessing to know you!

  12. Beautiful Stacey! Our tulips are beginning to bloom now too.

  13. So very beautiful
    Nice to see you come by.

    I love your photography. Stunning

  14. Tulips, especially hot pink ones, are my favorite...so easy to arrange in a vase.

  15. Like you I love pink tulips and pink roses, I think tulips come first. :))
    Beautiful photo and blog. I am your new follower.

  16. I love tulips, too. I think daffodils are still my favorites, but I'd love to have these blooming outside my window.

  17. Love the delicate beauty of these.

  18. So beautiful!! I just started to enjoy my tulips this year... and then deer ate them. :(