Forget you, Not

A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble. - Charles H. Spurgeon

This image is for two dear friends.

I clicked this today as I sat at the feet of a dear friend who told me about a memory connecting these Forget Me Nots with her mother.  This is for her for all the love and the heartache those memories must contain.

And, this is for my dear friend who is celebrating the memories of her husband again today.  He passed away one year ago on this date.

I'm remembering the twinkle in his eyes - the laughing comments about me being on the phone (again) - the fish he loved to catch and make me hold in a plastic bag (ick!) - the love he had in his eyes for his wife and family - the ketchup he liked to put on his spaghetti..... but most of all how I got him to unexpectedly hold Doogie while I took their picture.  ☺

I was not blessed with true friends in my younger life.  However, the friends I've made as I've gotten older are truly priceless treasures.  I am so richly blessed to have all my friends in my life.  I will forget you, not.


  1. Such a beautiful image Stacey! A true friend is such a precious gift. We sometimes overlook that fact.

    xo Catherine

  2. Beautiful picture and words. These are special memories.

  3. so beautiful, the photo and the flower and the thoughts.

  4. Very nice this flower, you have made a beautiful picture.

    Lovly greeting,

  5. What a wonderful capture of the brilliantly colored little flower.

    I remember when your friend suffered this loss. These anniversaries weigh heavy on our hearts.

    God bless you sweetie, you are a precious gift yourself!!! :o)

  6. what a wonderful photo. And I know that you will not forget these wonderful people. I wish for you a beautiful and meaningful Easter.

  7. Such wonderful and beautiful and priceless memories Stacey! A beautiful image!

  8. Wonderful images both visual and mental. Have a happy Easter.

  9. Muito bonita a fotografia!