Recognizing Self

No one remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself. -Thomas Mann

I have a friend.  I'll call her Texas.   

Texas and I have gone 'round and 'round with design ideas for my blog (for years!).  She's even offered to design my blog for me.  I just haven't been able to settle on what elements I want it to include.  And, truth be told, I kinda want to do it myself.  ☺

Texas has informed me that she believes I'm a person who likes to change things up.  And, she's right.  (Yes, Texas, I'm admitting that in writing on the Internet!)  The colors in my home change with the seasons.  I don't do drastic changes with paint, but I do change out place mats, candles, artwork, etc.  And, I love it.  It's me!

I've been balking at the thought of my not being able to have a static blog design.  I want to be like everyone else!  However, I'm not everyone else.  I am me.  Fun-loving, slightly weird, change it up - me.

I like change.  And, in recognition of that, I'm beginning to discover the way in which I want my site to evolve.  I'm yet to figure out the nitty gritty.  But, I'll get there. 

I do know that I like simplicity.  I like elegance and I love color.

So, after reading all of this, I'm curious... what images come to mind when you think of or hear the words "Dawning Inspiration?" 

I want to thank you all for your kind comments yesterday.  You were all so nice in your honesty.  And, I agree with you, the new look was not my style!

Wishing you peace, love and inspiration today and every day.


  1. I feel like I have missed so much here! When I think of dawning inspirations I think of morning...the early morning like it is outside my window...pre-sunrise...but full of hope. The light is still soft, the announcement of a new day by the sun is 30 min. away.
    I like change too, but I spend way too much time on the computer as it is, so I pretty much keep the same look on my blog...
    Have you thought of having your header reflect some of the colorful things you do to personalize your home for the seasons? Whatever you do, I like coming here to read and see your work...and i will be back! (o:

  2. i like change also. that is why my header changes weekly and sometimes daily. i love creating them and i love putting them there. blogs are personal, so do what you like and don't even think about what others like. i had a comment once that said why do you change your header so much, i answered in email and said because i want to. another comment said she did not care for big headers, i said i love big headers, that is why mine is big. so i please myself, when my blog opens to me, it pleases me and most others. i can't think of what dawning inspiration means to me, i am not a writer or a word person, i am a visual person and have trouble with words. i do like the black and white like it is, i love simple.

  3. Whatever you do will be just right,because it is what you want. I believe that we blog because we want to express who we are. My blog will be different than yours but that is good because we are all unique and special in God's eyes. Dawning Inspiration,says sunrise and a gentle beauty,to me.Hope today will be filled with joy for you my dear friend.

  4. I thinks of early mornin' flowers kissed by dew soakin' the early sun rays from heaven above. I think of the word of God and how sweetly it rests upon his handy work. I think of the upliftin' hope and inspiration it always brings to my heart.

    I think of your precious heart and the thought that went into producin' the best pictures ever. You are a true talent and such a blessin' to us all but especially me.

    You are a treasure sweetie and your blog is yours, the gold will shine through.

    Have a perfectly blessed day dear friend!!!

  5. I equate dawning inspirations with hope. Hope is bright and hope is pure. I also think of something that is soft and not harsh. I'm sure you will come up with something that fits. I always like changing mine up a bit. I finally decided to go very simple on both my blogs. On my primary blog I will hopefully be switching out photos to match the season, but other than that not changing things up too much.

  6. I think of soft beauty which is what I find when I visit here.