Weeds are flowers, too

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. -  A.A. Milne

I know a few people will disagree with my title, "Weeds are flowers, too."  But, I think they are. 

They are abundantly growing and spreading throughout my flower beds as I write.  They do their best to hide my crocus blooms and I think they are trying to smother my mini rose bush.   

However, I still find that weeds hold beauty:
  • Their glowing white color  contrasts so starkly to the dark earth surrounding them
  • They continue to regrow even after repeatedly being pulled out by their roots
Weeds sometimes remind me of my stubbornness to "keep on keepin' on," even when another illness knocks me on my um, rear.  Can I get a "whoop! whoop?!"  (cough)

PPSS:  My poor attempt at humor is to share that I could have Pertussis (aka Whooping Cough).


  1. I pray you will soon be well. That's an awfully delicate looking flower on your weed.

  2. I pray you get better too. I believe weeds are flowers too...and they are determined!

  3. Oh, no! I hope it's not pertussis - I had it when I was three and still remember how miserable I was! I agree with you on weeds - all of my wildflowers are technically weeds!

  4. Yes weeds are flowers. i trust that you will be strong like one of these flowers and soon be back to full health.

  5. What a Beautiful capture.

    I think weeds are flowers also, and have their own unique characteristics just like each one of us.

    Lord I pray that you would be mindful of Stacey and bring healing to her body. God Bless her and strengthen her, and take away that awful cough.

    Take care Stacey, and thank you for stopping by today.

    Dianne :)

  6. Oh my goodness, Stacey, do you have whooping cough? When will you know? I guess you caught it from someone...

  7. Yes, weeds are flowers too, especially when a busy little child hands you a bouquet of dandelions.

    Be well!

  8. i do hope you don't have whooping cough, my cousin had it most of her life and i know how tough it is. love the pic and I LOVE WEEDS. really I do. i have about 30 pics in my folder of nothing but weeds, waiting to be posted. people only called them weeds because they don't want them growing where they grow. they want to order what grows. i like them growing where they want to.

  9. Nooooooo!!! Bless your heart, I hope not. I had it as a baby and was very ill.

    I've seen some beautiful weeds but most are so stinkin' invasive. 'Must be one of those weeds ya gotta get all the fine haired roots or back the come.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a great Easter weekend!!! :o)

  10. I agree with you about weeds being flowers, too. Sometimes they are ones that I consider so beautiful!

  11. I agree that weeds can be flowers too!