From a Word Prompt

I love The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday word prompts.  This past Friday's was "Opportunity."

I've looked at that word several times in the past few days and each time thoughts spiraled, swung, flopped, flipped and turned "every which way but loose."  (Remember that movie?")

I'm scared.

I think fear is what is preventing me from writing consistently on my blog.  Fear to be who I have become.  Fear to write what I want to write.  Fear to let loose and be open and trusting in the One who created me.

There are days when thoughts flow from brain through fingers and over keyboard at an extremely fast pace.  Then, there are days when I log into my blog and log right back out with a disgusted sigh.


I have a life where illness sometimes take over and prevents me from living the life I want to live.

I truly believe that this ups and downs process of my life has been a God given gift of opportunity.  Sure, it's been filled with choking mud, muck and mire, but it has also been filled with love, discovery and joy....things my life had truly been lacking.

I've become a different person.... one I actually like. 

The corporate world I left wasn't for me.  There were aspects of it that I loved:  helping people, being creative, and owning a process that became a success.  And, while I was blessed to have been part of that entity, I feel even more so now.

I don't want to upset anyone...but I can't let fear of upsetting people stop me from writing on my own blog. 

I want to write about my faith.  I want to write about my healing and my health.  I want to write about the God that brought me back from certain death to sometimes actually feeling joy in my soul. 

I've ran away from my Creator for much too long.  Now, I run to Him. 

I feel I'm being led to write, create and share.  More than likely it will be at an indeterminate pace because that's how life is for me these days. 

As I follow His lead, maybe I can offer hope to someone.  Or, maybe I can share something of my past that will resonate with another so they will know they are not (and were not) alone in their experience.  Or, maybe I can share my love for Jesus in such a way that someone who doesn't know Him will want to know Him. 

Taking it "Step by Step."


  1. well from what I read here you have no problem at all writing. and I love this song, have not heard it before and I love her voice.
    off to check out your tab.

  2. A beautiful post Stacey. It's always hard to write what we feel in our hearts but I think you do it! Great song by Whitney Houston.
    xo Catherine

  3. Never be afraid to say what you feel, my friend. You are inspired by God so how can it be wrong? We all know how wonderful you put things in words, now YOU just need to know it! I look forward each day to seeing what you have said and how you feel. And the Whitney Houston song is perfect for you..I will be humming this tune all day!

  4. Your words inspire and help,so please keep on writing and sharing as you are able to.
    I look forward to what God will lead you to share with each of us. You are a blessing to me.

  5. Go for it, Stacey. Write as what your heart feels at that moment. It might just be an experiential prophetic act to help someone heal. ;)

  6. Great post! I know it takes a lot of courage to step out and do something you believe God has put in your heart to do.

  7. Olá, bela fotografia e texto...Espectacular....

  8. Yes Stacey, go for it.
    Your writing can be part of that healing process. You do it beautifully and its a God given talent.

  9. I love your writing already, but look forward to seeing more of it. I so appreciate your honesty. I know my fears hold me back from many things...maybe your writings will let me explore that area of my life too.