Happy May Day!

The most beautiful view is the one I share with you. - Author Unknown

Happy May Day everyone!

May Day brings back happy memories of my my brother and I. 

We used to make paper baskets out of yellow construction paper, fill them with flowers from my Mom's yard and hang them on the front doors of neighboring homes.

Then, we'd knock, run like crazy and hide in the ditch to watch as our secret gifts were received.  

Still brings a smile to my face - over 2 decades later.  Ahem.  

How about you?
Any May Day memories?


  1. What a sweet gesture. May Day never really crossed my radar as a kid.. so no memories other than we were now much closer to summer. :)

  2. Wonderful macro. Happy Law Day to you.

  3. What a fun and sweet thing to do!!! We never celebrated May Day in any way, it looks like I was really left out of the fun! What is this beautiful plant?

  4. I guess you got as much pleasure from the gift giving as the people who received them.

  5. Excelente macro....

  6. not a single one, May day was not a holiday in the south, in fact i only read about it in all the books i read. they did do the may pole thing in KY one time but i barely remember it. your photo looks like candy drops dipped in sugar, beautiful and yummy to. can you tell i think about food a lot

  7. Oh yes, yes I do.

    Each May Day my mother would fill a large basket with Mason jars and fill those jars with lilacs (dark purple and light lavender) for my teacher. I can still smell the fragrance they'd exude.

    One on my secret ambitions since I was little was to dance 'round a May Pole. 'Just sayin'.......

    My teachers knew if they had me in their class what to expect May Day!

    Wonderful picture sweetie.

    God bless and have a great day my friend!!! :o)

  8. That is such a sweet memory!! Happy May Day! :)

  9. What a nice thing to do for others. Thank you for sharing this memory of you and your brother. I have this image in my mind and it would have made a great photo of the two of you hiding and some one coming to the door. I can only imagine the expressions on every ones face. Makes me smile.
    The photo above is Beautiful.

    Thank you for stopping by Stacey and sharing another one of your precious memories. It sounded wonderful.
    Happy May Day to you Stacey :)

  10. Happy May Day, Stacey! I also have great memories of the day from childhood.