This weeks Five Minute Friday prompt is Dance.
  • dance like no one is watching
  • dance to the beat of your own drum
  • dance til you can't dance no more
  • let your arms swing
  • your hips move
  • your head bop
  • your feet move to and fro
  • feel the freedom in the movement
  • feel the beat in the rhythmic notes
  • live life
  • love 
  • enjoy
  • be free
  • be who God made you to be
  • shrug off disapproval and disappointment others may put upon you and dance
  • find the music that uplifts your soul and turn it up - loud
  • find the music that quiets your mind, heart, and body so that the breath you breathe dances within your lungs bringing you peace, relaxation and stillness
  • It can mean a lot of things and it can be an expression of much.
  • For me it's a release of negativity and an increase in joy of life
I encourage you to dance.

PS:  Linking up with Gypsy Mama for her Five Minute Friday's.  Rules can be found on her website.


  1. I like it!
    Dance indeed!
    Happy weekend to you!
    xo Catherine

  2. All that and it's good exercise, too!

  3. all that flower needs is two eyes and a nose and mouth, looks just like a ballerina.

  4. "A release of negativity and an increase in the joy of ..." I just love that, and I'm choosing it with you...I'm choosing to dance!

  5. love this post. I may not have a lot of rhythm,but I can dance in my heart.