O to relax and Surrender

The older I grow the more I listen to people who don't talk much.  - Germain G. Glien

Oh, to be a person that thinks before speaking... who controls their tongue without need of lock and key.

I'd love to be a person that can pause (or even relax) and totally let go and let God deal with all of the unknowns and the scary "what-ifs" that seem to be everywhere in life.  

"Surrender all to Him" just popped in the forefront of my mind.

Yes! That is what I need to do when the pain wracks my Mom's body and I'm helpless to stop it.  

Yes!  That is what I need to do when health issues strike and shame builds.

And now, since I don't like needles and won't get a tattoo, I think I'll go get my Sharpie and write "Surrender All to Him" on my wrist to remind myself that I'm not God and can't possibly attempt to walk in His shoes.

God sees all and knows all and has a perfect plan.  I just need to keep quiet, pray and let Him do His thing in His perfect timing and in His perfect way.

However, I do have to ponder, "Does God wear shoes?"

PS:  Flower is from clover.  Shot with my Mom's Canon point and shoot.
PSPS:  If you were to have a tattoo written on your wrist, what would it be?


  1. Lovely little flower -- such a bright pink!

  2. beautiful shot, and no God wears SANDALS not shoes. LOL

  3. psps.....i'd never get a tattoo....and was mortified after my son got TWO of them....
    but for a "just play" scenario i would probably have "focus" put on my wrist.

    i have A.D. D. tendencies and often have to remind myself to focus/pay attention/listen....
    and sometimes my hubby reminds me, which he does in a playful way
    and i love him for that.

  4. I'd have to think on it long and hard. In the meantime, I enjoyed your thoughts on surrender and the image!

  5. Love the flower picture. Sometimes I think I do need a lock on my lips.
    Take care my friend,God is in control.

  6. Hmmm, something I never thought about. I wonder...
    This is a wonderful post and a beautiful image, my friend.

  7. I loved what you wrote. All so very true. Only someone humble can write this. Thank you . Thank you.
    I did have a dream along time ago he wore shoes but that was when he walked this earth.

  8. Yup ~ it seems to all often the mouth starts running before the brain does. Well that is human nature isn't it?
    No tattoos for me either! Ha!
    That pink is fantastic!
    xo Catherine

  9. Gorgeous pic, SD. I don't like tats very much and seriously doubt I'd ever get one.. especially on my wrist but just for you, my imaginary tattoo would read "left" on my right wrist and "right" on the left one. ;)

  10. Be Still!
    That's what would be tattooed.
    Its so difficult to release control and be still.
    Beautiful shot Stacey.

  11. Wat een schitterende foto's heb je gemaakt van een evenzeer schitterende bloem!

    groetjes, Joke

  12. Hmm....shoes and sandals....in my mind He's barefooted (just like me) SMILES.
    LOVE your post. Got (as always) straight to my heart. [this one is for you God, couse it just popped into my mind "let me talk to Stacey real soon in real life, we've got soooo much to chat about and mail isn't an option"].

    My tatoo....accually I just got one half a year ago. It's not a word nor a saying but it's a feather. It came to me (as lots of them do on the paths I take here on earth) and it belongs to one of my wings. Wich I'm working on earning while being on this planet when I came Barefoot from Heaven, so one day I will be able to fly back again close into the presents of all the loved ones who gone before me. And be again an Angel of God.

    But: if it would be a word. It would be LOVE. Because that is the whole deal were it's about in live and after that (i believe).

    Wonderful hugs, it was great to ponder over all this and you feel so close to me right now. Soft bye's Dagmar

  13. I don't think ya need shoes treadin' on streets of gold! :o)

    Hey girl, I was gonna check in with ya...you've been on my heart today but I had some computer trouble last week and lost some info includin' your email so 'could ya please email me your email? Heeehehehe, that was funny!

    Shoot, it doesn't take much to crack me up, I'm easily entertained. It hasn't slowed up 'round here one bit so I'm still on summer sabbatical here on the Ponderosa.

    God bless and I hope your havin' a magnificent summer my friend. :o)