Inspired by the Country - Series 1


Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is? ~Frank Scully

There once was a girl who thought she had lost her joy.

She searched high.
She searched low.

Prayers went up.
Silent answers seemed to came down.

Joy was yet to be found.

Her last nerve had been stepped on and the ends were now frayed and worn thin. 
Desperation for tranquility pushed its way to the surface of her mind.

A long cement freeway lay beneath the tires of her car. 

To the left lay the city and a scheduled appointment.
To the right lay farmland with waving tall grasses.

In a blink of an eye the car intuitively drove her to the most beautiful place.

Golden pears filled her sight.
Thoughts of climbing the fence to pick fresh fruit were dashed as her finger clicked and a deep sigh escaped from within.

Giddiness bubbled up from her toes.
And the peace she'd been longing for seeped back into her pores.

She mused, "God brought me to this place."

Yes!  Joy had found her again.

She soon realized that her joy hadn't really left.  It had only been misplaced.
It was found again in and among the passions God created inside of her.

An absolute MUST to remember.

Clicking + Beautiful Country = God given Joy.

PS:  Truth:  This girl took more than one click (surprise!)
And, the appointment was still kept!! (double surprise!)



  1. So good to see you here again. May the joy continue!

  2. welcome back to blog land, good to see and hear you. lovely peaceful pears

  3. Ahhh,yes,joy is right there within us.Clicking the beauty of God's creation has a way of restoring the balance in life.

  4. I love everything about this glad you chose a place to find God's peace.
    (I love the look of your blog too.)

  5. Joy hadn't left it was just misplaced....
    Oh how I love this poem and the found passion again where it had laid dormant for a while.
    Kudos to you Stacy.
    Keep Clickin'

  6. Awwww yes...we simply have to tap into that 'joy'!!!

    Most beautiful picture sweetie.

    I wanted to check in on you and for some reason I can't get the address I have for you to work...came back as one of those stinkin' 'Mail Demons'.

    God bless and have a glorious weekend my friend! :o)

  7. If only I could have been there with you to click away and eat pears.
    God is Joy...hugs from me to you my faraway friend