Inspired by Rain

This morning I awoke to gentle rain sprinkling, fresh scented air, birds singing and God calling to me.

It was barely dawn with dark skies and lamp posts still lit.

The pull to spend time with God was so strong that I quickly changed from pj's to sweats, a ball cap and tennis shoes and was out the door.

The peace instantly surrounded me as my right foot hit the first step of pavement.  I could feel myself being enveloped in a cocoon of contentment that filled me up and encouraged me to continue on my way.

The pain I'd been experiencing through the night miraculously disappeared.

God and I had a heart to heart talk as I walked:

... past colorful leaves that glowed even in the semi-darkness.
... past birds feasting on worms finding their way out of now mushy grass
... past a couple of other early morning walkers heading in opposite directions
... past tall, towering Evergreens and sold signs on nearby homes

It'd been a long while since I've allowed myself to be drawn so near to Him.  And, I admit, I've been missing it greatly.

I haven't felt worthy.  I haven't felt "good enough" to be in His presence.

Until last night when I felt Him tell me that I don't have to do anything to be loved by Him - wanted by Him - accepted by Him - worthy of Him.  He loves me as I am.  He loves me right now, bed head, coffee breath, wounded heart and all.

I tend to forget that when I'm in the midst of digging deeper into past issues that continue to nag me and pull me deeper in to seeing the truth from an adult perspective versus the child who was hurt so terribly.  These issues are begging to be further understood, further acknowledged, and further accepted so that some may be put to rest, others morphed into the me that God is growing me to be.

Right this minute, I'm sitting on the sofa with Doogie on my lap.  The front door is open and I can hear the birds calling outside to one another.  There is pale blue sky and some dark wispy clouds floating here and there.  A touch of pink is highlighted low in the western sky from what I'm assuming is the rising sun behind me.  I can't see it so I don't know if it's hidden behind clouds or peaking through tall trees.  I just know that it's there.

The highlighted clouds brings another metaphor to mind:  God is always here, even when I don't see Him, feel Him or believe Him to be here because of my bad feelings about my past self.  

The verse, Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you... (James 4:8 KJV) comes to mind.

And, that's what I did this morning.  I walked and talked with God and then came home to sit with fresh air flowing from the outside.  I got still and alone with just Him.  I repeated His name in as many ways as I could think of:

The Christ
The Messiah
My Savior
My Redeemer
My Love
My Everything
My Hope
My Salvation
My Fortress
My Rock
My King
El Shaddai
My Father
My Protector
My Counselor
My Healer
My Husband

Over and over I repeated His names as they came to my mind.  The pressures I've been feeling melted away and the peace I'd been wanting but not allowing myself to find settled within me.  My head bowed and my lungs began to rise and fall with deep, fulfilling breaths.

Oh, why don't I do this more often?  Why don't I intentionally stop everything and be still with my Lord?

I know why.  I wrote it above.  And, I choose to fight those negative feelings and make a pointed effort to spend this time with Him daily.  Jesus will be my priority.

Dear Lord, please help me keep my promise. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Blessings to you and yours today all.  May your week be filled with reminders of Him.



  1. this quote is a good one for you.
    “Without forgetting it is quite impossible to live at all.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    Just remember that He has already forgotten what you can't forget.

  2. forgot to say, I love the raindrops on the fronds, so pretty and peaceful looking.

  3. Love the photo but also the picture you paint with words. May this day be special to you in every way.

  4. This is exactly why I've made morning walks a daily routine - the stillness and chance to chat with God. Hope you can make it a daily routine for yourself, too!

  5. Somehow, I had lost your blog site on my computer...I would be embarrassed if people knew the way I kept in touch with blog friends...I have a list in my favorites...I like to go down my list and check in and do my reading that way, I guess I like it better than what blogger or google offers. I wonder how others keep track? ANYWAY...glad I found you again. So sorry to hear about the back pain...I had that last week after a day of weeding BIG weeds on the perimeter of our fields...I think it was the jolt that came when they finally gave way. I think my back gave way too.
    Glad you are better. I love that you were thinking of God's names...I have done that too and have felt His power. Fall is definitely in the air here...glad you are getting some rain! (o:

  6. Hi Stacey, how have you been? Good to hear from you, again! God bless! =)

  7. So much power in those names and in the stillness. Always enjoy finding you here.

  8. Hi there my friend. What an amazing start of the day God gave you. The raindrops must have been Angels teardrops because they felt so close to you. Thank you for sharing your morning walk with me. And please do take me along next time. Miss you lots and hope to have a walk with you in the near future.
    Be blesses Stacey.
    Hugs Dagmar

    ps I pass leaves like this with morning dew drops on it every single time I go out on my walk with will be on my mind tomorrow morning. :-)

  9. I cant even begin to tell you how much peace I felt as I read down your blog , your words and felt your heart . I think we do the samethings and that is resist the call to be and be with him. His love is great , deep and unending. Thanks for sharing this. Thank you .
    Hugs from me to you.
    oh I love your rain. Its wonderful and healing.

  10. It would be wonderful to get a refreshing day or two of rain here in Saskatchewan. It's very dry!
    I hope you are having a beautiful September Stacey!
    xo Catherine

  11. Thank you for the intimate inspiration this morning.
    It is an admonition for me to not let the day crowd out what is really important..time with the Lord.
    Your list of names really shows how Jesus is everything.

  12. I think you describe so well...the feelings I have with God...rain can be so peaceful. I am glad to find your blog again (it is one of my favs) love your talented photos

  13. I am not sure this comment took so I will repeat it...I love this thought...and photo. Glad to find your blog again