Right now...

Right now I sit in the chair my Mom, Brother and I bought for my Dad for Father's Day many years ago.

A blanket my brother gave me 17 years ago one Christmas morning covers my lap.

The clock ticks and tocks threatening to lull me back to sleep.

My favorite Vanilla coffee awaits its first sip and the steam beckons from my cup.

Wind and rain beat against my window offering a calmness I did not have at the beginning of this week.

My thoughts return to the couple of days and the time I have been blessed to spend with family.

A cousin and her husband are here visiting.  It's been almost two decades since we've seen each other.  The gift of chatting and laughing picked up right where it left off years ago.... immediately following a tight hello hug.

These are days I will treasure forever in my memories.

PS:  Image is of the "infamous" Fremont Troll.  It's not the most popular tourist attraction in Seattle, although perhaps it could be in the top ten! ☺ My cousin's husband loved it - and so did my Mom and I!! Fun!


  1. What a wonderful moment you shared with us. I could smell your coffee. I've never heard of that troll - how cool!

  2. the troll would sure be on my Seattle bucket list if i ever got there. i like it. glad you are rocking and sipping and having fond memories.

  3. Oh what a cool Troll!! And always nice to spend time with family :)

  4. You have some wonderful moments written and to hold on too for days. Enjoy all.
    Hugs to you my friend.
    and my you be so Blessed.

  5. Family time is the best. Enjoy it!

  6. Love the Troll but love the time you had with family even more.
    I treasure those times too.
    Rain showers are forecasted for the beginning of the week.
    Cozy times ahead.
    I'm so happy you are blogging again and that life has renewed color.

  7. isn't it funny how we honestly can "pick up, right where we left off," no matter how much time has gone by.....

    i think we're fascinating that way.....xo

  8. When my son and his wife were in Wshington, they called me one morning and asked me to give them directions to see the troll. I had no idea what they were talking about. Later, they showed me their pictures...I love this piece of artwork!

  9. Ohhh I've seen that one too. Beverly took me to Fremont and I loved it. As I did the little beetle cars. ;-)
    Hope you have a warm moment in your dad's chair wrapped in your blothers love. Hugs and be thinking of you my friend.
    Love Dagmar

  10. I love these moments that you describe....I am stopping by to say hello....I always enjoyed your photos