Tis the Season

I listen to Spirit 105.3 FM a lot.

They've been running a commercial lately about it being "the season of elections."

It's got me thinking (a dangerous thing as my grandmother would say):

This election season seems to be more critical than others in the past.

It's been frustrating. 
It's been confusing.
It's been maddening.
It's been mind-numbing.


I've realized I have two choices:

One, I can stay in the dark and pretend it doesn't matter and wish for it all to go away


Two, I can step into the light, listen to what's being said and apply it to biblical teaching through prayer, reading my Bible and waiting for promptings from God on how to vote in this upcoming election. 

Each vote counts.
Each vote matters.
Each vote is important.

I encourage you to please, pray for our country and vote.

PS:  Image is basically SOC (straight out of the camera) of my grandmother voting by absentee ballot.  I loved the darkness of her room and her leaning into the light to read and complete her ballot.


  1. Great advice!! And what a beautiful portrait of your grandmother.

  2. from the title i thought you had misfired thinking it was THE season. LOL. Remington said on his blog today it is 67 days until Christmas and I thought you were jumping the gun like he did with his Santa hat on. i told my hubby i am embarrased that the leaders of our country act like two year olds in a debate that was meant to answer questions of our future.

  3. So sweet, Stacey, so glad she still votes. We have been praying for the election in our Bible Study on Wednesday nights. Sometimes my husband gets so wound up by the reports he reads that I want to ignore the matter, but we can't and shouldn't. I remind him often that ultimately God is in control, I have no cause for worry or for fear. (o:

  4. Amen darlin'!!! I've always thought of the men and women who have given so much so we have the right to vote. No matter how twisted I might feel inside 'bout my choices...I will always~always vote!!!

    Beautiful Picture!!!

    God bless and I hope your day rocked! :o)

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  6. Oh wow -- incredible image. I love the light/shadows in this one. xo.

  7. Oh wow -- beautiful image!! I love this light/shadow in this one. xo.