Thursday, December 6, 2012

Golden December

This December, That love weighs more than gold! - Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

The month with the shortest amount of daylight.

Yet, in the Puget Sound, we are still being blessed with gold leafed trees.  Some even have red and orange mixed among their branches while others directly across the street are completely bare.

Even though the rain pours from time to time and fog creeps in.....there is colorful beauty shining forth like soft candlelight. 

I am grateful for this coloring of my sometimes gray world.

So many people are hurting these days.  Real and true hurts that cut their hearts in so many pieces.  

Darkness can sometimes emphasize the pain or it can comfort with the aid of candles, warm blankets, soft music or a fun movie and a warm cup of something held between two grateful hands.

I prayed early this Autumn for a l-o-n-g colorful season.  God answered my prayer and I give Him thanksgiving and praise.  He knew I'd need this color.  He knew I'd need bright spots in harsh days when emotions roller coaster for friends, loved ones and even self.

No matter where you are.... 
   -  in places filled with gray
   -  in farmlands of sepia
   -  near a lake lacking familiar frozen layers
   -  in spaces where sun shines and there are actually warm temperatures 
   -  lands covered with snowy white fluff

May you feel the blessings of color and beauty bright.  They are gifts from Above, no matter what the weather inside or outside our lives.
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