Merry Christmas!

May you feel the joyous peace of this Christmas Season.
May you be filled with the Spirit of Christ's love.
May you be ever grateful for the Babe that came to save us, to love us and to never leave or forsake us.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I was going to make this a short post.
However, since I rarely blog any more, and since these words have been begging to be written, I hope you will indulge me.

This month seems to be a painful and difficult month for so many people, including my family and some very dear friends.

I, for one, have lost four people to death over the years, including one on Christmas Day at 12:01 AM.

Two days ago I received news about my uncle's failing health.  That call ended only to ring with news about my grandmother and an urgent procedure she needs to have.

That call ended and I was informed of a friend's mom recently diagnosed with cancer and another facing foreclosure on her home she's worked very hard to make her own.

There's been indescribable pain for those that are families and friends of the victims in the mass shootings and  those that were related to the one that pulled the trigger.

Even though tragedies happen all year long, those that happen during Christmastime seem to hurt more because of traditions that have abruptly changed, loved ones no longer present to share the joy of the season with, etc.

And, if this wasn't enough, the month of December is the darkest month in terms of the least amount of daylight hours.

I personally look forward to December ending and January beginning because the additional minutes of light seem to multiply quickly and I can feel the light seep into my bones.

A thought has been occurring to me as I ponder this great big wad of negativity.

December is the darkest month for those in this part of the world.
However it is the month we celebrate the true Light of our world.

That Light is Jesus Christ. In Him we have hope, salvation, love, life and joy.  We have comfort when we can find no answers for the pain we incur in this world.

I've been holding on to this Light tightly this month.  It's been rough for me - but a little easier because of my epiphany a couple of weeks ago.

Horrible things will continue to happen.  I wish it weren't true - but, it is.  And through it all we have the Light of Jesus to guide us, protect us, comfort us and lead us.  I am grateful for that.

Peace, light and love and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

If I could offer each of you a gift, it would be the feeling of His presence in a significant, mighty and unmistakable way.

With many blessings.


  1. Merry Christmas, Stacey. He stepped down from heaven to earth to save us and give us an anchor to keep us stead when life knocks us around.

  2. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I agree that we all have sorrow and pain in our lives but,I will choose to focus on Christ and the joy He brings.Have a Merry CHRISTmas dear friend.

  3. Merry Christmas Stacey!

  4. Merry Christmas to you too, Stacey! I look forward to talking to you in the new year. The photo is perfect. (o:

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. It is indeed a tough time for many and I'm sorry that your family and friends are experiencing troubles. I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts, this holiday season. I hope you had a Merry Christmas in spite of sad news all around. That's a lovely, colourful image, SD.

  7. (((hugs)))
    So many have felt the Darkness this year.
    If we don't hold on to The Light of the World
    We have nothing.
    I would be lost without Him.
    So Sorry for your difficult times and pray 2013 will be full of Light and happiness.

  8. Hello my friend. Thanks for sending out The Gift. You carry such a warm hart. And God didn't give you such great special hart if you weren't special to Him. I'm here with you thinking about you sending you love and peace. Be well and do keep playing with your new toy and things will work out.
    Wonderful hugs Dagmar