It's been a while since I've participated in Lisa's "Five Minute Friday" but the word today just seemed fitting to get back at it.

Five Minutes.  It's all I get to write.

Five Minutes.  Ready.  Set.  Go!

Cherished is a word I think of in connection with Love.  Yeah, the "L" word.

It's how I feel with my Mom and how she takes care of me when I need it.

It's how I hope she feels when I take care of her when she needs it (like now).

It's also how I've been feeling lately by God.

There have been some recent events in my life that have shown me exactly how near and dear to God I am.  He has gone before my Mom and me... had complete strangers pray over us and then have angels show up and offer assistance when something scary happened.

Evidence of His love is magnifying and I'm cherishing it.

Problems still exist.  They always will.  But knowing He's by my side, in front of me and behind me keeps me joyful and feeling cherished.



  1. He's by my side, in front of me and behind me. I love that image. In our busy world that's something I need to concentrate on. Thanks.

  2. Oh Ms Stacey Dawn - I hear this pain in your writing, a pain that only God can heal. I say this because I experienced pain during a season of life that seemed to cripple me, and it wasn't even something to write home about... Still finding the ability to sit and let Him Cherish you, it is a great gift to rest in during the seasons of life that are challenging. Take Heart He cherishes you daily.


  3. Dear Stacey
    Your mom is blessed to have a daughter like you! Yes, His love surrounds us wherever we may go!
    Hugs to you

  4. So good to see you here again. "Cherish" holds so much promise and reassurance.

  5. What a beautiful post. There is pain in life, but it's wonderful knowing that God remains with us through it all! Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Crisp . . . is what popps in my head when I see this picture. How on earth can a rose be frozen? They only bloom in summer...?
    Well you've capture it beautiful as are your words chosen below the image.
    Thank you for the sweet words on my blog it feels if you are right here with me right now having a warm something.....sigh. I'm a little shaky because of all the love you're sending my way. and it helps big time. How blessed I have to have a friend like you in my life even if you're to far a way, I'm gladd. And I do ANYTHING to meet up with you this summer, so I'll keep you informed my friend.
    Wonderful hugs to you and your mom.

  7. I can't think of any better response to this than,"AMEN!"