I see the title on Lisa-Jo's "Five Minute Friday"post and swirls of tension move inside me.

Her topic this week is Bare.  And, for five minutes I get to write about whatever comes to mind:

I see the word BARE and I think of my soul and how I feel so exposed and open to the world these days.

My past has caught up with me again and again and kept me from feeling joy and moving in the direction that I believe God has for me.

But then, I stop and ponder, "Perhaps THIS is where God wants me.  Perhaps He wants me to bare my soul to Him and to seek Him in all I do - all I need - all I want - all I hope for - all I fear - all I dread.  Perhaps I really am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be - right here and right now... bare, vulnerable and exposed."

This bare feeling is not comfortable.  It's so the opposite of feeling warm sun on the bare skin of your arm.

But, if this is what I need to feel and where I need to be to get to where He wants me, I'm willing to "suck it up" and be - well - bare.

PS:  Image is of the moon between bare winter tree branches.


  1. Yes, this is something I was trying to put into words as well. It's so hard to get to that point of being bare isn't it? So vulnerable.

  2. Love your ending. To BE - well - bare! Believing that God will bare you well!!! That's just what He does. Although I don't know you, I feel proud of your courage, Stacey. Enjoyed my visit here; lovely photograph, too!

  3. amazing photo.

    i really liked the ending to this post, as well.

    glad i popped over today.

  4. Loved the photo and what you wrote. I am in a place sort of like this too and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't (being bare). But I think it can be a good thing sometimes. It can be freeing. I also wrote about bare souls (bare souls and trees actually :) ). Thanks for sharing.

  5. bare and beautiful, wish i was this beautiful when i am bare LOL

  6. We are all bare before God,right? I am thankful that even though He sees me just as I am,He still loves me.

  7. Bare and vulnerable is a scary place, but when all the "junk" is out of the way, God has an empty canvas to do His best work.