Two Power Packed Words

- Quoted from "Letters To Juliet"

One of my favorite movies is "Letters to Juliet."

The cinematography is fantastic. I adore the story line.... but the part of someone finding a long lost love is something I totally swoon over.

This "quote" has been running through my mind for the past two days.  It's actually struck a pretty strong chord with me.

Two little words tied together to form an innocent question:

"What if?"


What if  I ... ?

And then, what if I ... ?

Pondering further causes me to ask myself, "What if I did the thing that scared me the most?"

And, "What if I gave my dream everything I had?"

And also, "What if I committed my entire life to the way I believe I should be living?"


I think those words are extremely significant and totally worth pondering and praying over.

So much can happen if we ask ourselves those questions.

Even more can be done if we put those words into action.

I don't expect to throw caution to the wind and morph into something or someone I haven't been.

Although.... WHAT IF has the potential to pack quite a punch in those two little words.

I think those words have the power to surpass anything we can dream.

What is your "What if....?"


PS:  Kim Klassen Peony Texture added.  I seem to be addicted to that one lately.  I shot through tall, tall weeds in my flower bed.  I'm thinking I should leave them as they add interesting bokeh to my images.  Ha Ha.... that's one way to get out of gardening!! CATHERINE - come on down and bring Banjo! I need you! ;o)  Stanley can golf across the street!!


  1. if catherine came here he could golf 365 days a year... i just came from her post.
    What if is my middle name and has made my life crazy my whole life, it all started as far back as i can remember. but mine is a fear of what if happening. i see the what if's of every purchase i make, every road i take, it is the fear of what if happening that holds me back. like driving on the interstate scares me silly, because of the what ifs so i don't do it.

  2. What if? Too often I am asking,what if I had…….? I know I cannot change the past,but I can live today and do the best that I know how.

  3. I can "what if" myself into doing nothing! But I think it can also be used in a positive way. What if I would succeed?