Book Review: One Thousand Gifts

Originally Posted: 28 Feb 2011 12:01 AM PST

"That Thanks-giving might literally become thanks-living."  -- Ann Voskamp 

Just prior to my surgery I received this book "One Thousand Gifts," by Ann Voskamp. I savored this book slowly. I read it's poetic and beautifully written words cover to cover and let each one sift through my eyes, to my brain and finally settle in my heart. I loved this book and I hope you will, too.

This book is about Echaristeo. And, like the words in the image say (straight from her book), it's about Grace, Thanksgiving and Joy. Three words, three blessings, three gifts that make an impact on my daily life.

I began keeping a Gratitude Journal several years ago when my life experienced some major crises. Every night I would force myself to find three things to be thankful for. And, I will admit, due to the depth of the pit I was in, I struggled sometimes to find even one thing to be thankful for.

However, as the days, weeks, months and now years have past, I find myself easily filling page after page of countless things to be thankful for. I've also found that my joy has increased. My attitude has improved. My hope has been restored. I've become a better person and am now much closer to God in large part because of my Gratitude list.

Ann's book talks about more than just writing down things we are grateful for. It talks about the gifts we are given on a daily basis - gifts directly from God.

Before I finished this book, I began a new "gifts from God" list. Some of the many gifts I've received are: fluffy falling snowflakes, receiving get well cards and flowers following surgery, many home-cooked meals by Mom, seeing a beautiful rainbow, laughter with family and friends...

I truly believe that being focused on thanks-giving changes our personal world to a place of thanks-living, just like Ann says in her book. It's made a huge difference in my life - so much so that I gave each of my nieces a journal and pen for their birthday's and described my intent behind them.

I hope you will make a point to find this book and to do more than read it. I hope you will live it - daily. I believe you will find your life to become happier and more joyful than you can ever imagine.... simply by being thankful for what He gives you each and every day.

PS: I was not paid or offered anything in exchange for this book review. I was, however, sent this book by Dayspring for free because I saw a "wish list" and signed up! It was a blessing to receive this book and one I will pass on and on and on. In fact, I've got this book on loan to a friend now!

PPSS: You may find more of Ann Voskamp on her blog, A Holy Experience, and at her website ONETHOUSANDGIFTS.COM