Today I'm participating with Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday.  The prompt is "visit."

I only get five minutes to write.  Read?  Set...... Go!

This is a very hard prompt for me to write with!  So many "versions" of which way I could go and run with this word..... yet, with yesterday on my mind, I think I'll head off with that direction.

I'll head off into the wild blue sky that I treasure.
The blue sky that dims to black but not before it is streaked with orange and pink and yellow.

Yesterday was a "flare" day as I call it.  My body was curled up in a ball and my mood went right along with it.

I had to get out.  It'd been way too long.

So, I grabbed my camera, my dog and my purse and jumped into my car headed towards the beach and the sunset I knew would soon be there.

There weren't many clouds.  And, only a few people ventured about.  Yet the sight to behold was glorious.

Seagulls flying this way and that, a paddle boarder doing their thing in the cold water, and our local ferry nearby unloading and loading its passengers.

I tried to smell the salty air but for some reason I couldn't capture it.

I did, however, capture some funky images with my camera.

This visit to the beach was just what the doctor ordered.... a perfect "pick me up" to end the day.



  1. something about the beach and the sun and the sand and the waves... no matter what time of the year! lovely photo!

  2. beach and sun are at the top of my list of things i love and they make me happy. but it is hard to make myself go there... it is only 10 minutes away, yet i sit here doing nothing... glad you got yourself out and about....

  3. What a lovely visit to the beach, beautiful photo. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Oh yes,getting out and observing the beauty of nature is a good remedy for all kinds of problems.

  5. So glad to read this...I too have been pushing myself outside with my does a world of good!