I'm linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday again.

Today's prompt is:  Hero

I get five minutes to write.


I read the prompt "hero" and immediately that song from the movie "Footloose" popped into my head. You know the one - the one from back in the '80's?  The one starring Kevin Bacon!

"I need a Hero!!!"  (insert music playing here - or perhaps singing and dancing).  If you can't hear it or sing it perhaps I'm showing my age.  Please feel free to Google it or search for it on You Tube.  It'll be stuck in your head in no time.

I've been having technical difficulties with my phone and computer.  Two useful things that I've been taking for granted..... that they would always "be there" for me to just pick up and/or grab and use to communicate with the outside world.

All of a sudden I'm cut off from everyone unless I go outside and actually visit a neighbor or get in my car and drive to a family or friend's home.  (gasp)

God has been my hero - truly.  He's helped me figure out some of these techy things in ways that I never dreamed of.

He's used my Kindle Fire to help me hook up my modem.  Ya'll, I have no clue how that even makes sense - but He did it.  And I'm so grateful!

So, I may be wanting a physical hero to come swooping in to fix my phone and my modem and my computer.  Oh, and I'll just admit I could stand to have a hero swoop in to cook, clean, wash the windows and the dog, fix the bathroom floor and give the house a good fresh coat of paint, too....

But, I have all that I need.  God will provide in His perfect timing.  I trust in that.  I relax in that.  Phone or no phone.  Computer working sporadically or working like a charm.  I trust.  In Him.

Thank you God for being my Hero!



  1. It was fun to think of that song at the beginning of your post and it's wonderful to be reminded that God cares about the little things in our lives too.

    Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  2. Hi,
    I don't remember that song but the song called "The greatest American Hero" sometimes flits through my mind. I totally agree God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are my heroes. Hurrah. We need nothing else.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

    1. I loved the TV show Janis!! It was so corny - but so much fun to watch. Thanks for the great memory!

  3. When we have God we have all that we need.He provides it all. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Thank you Ruth! I so agree! You as well have a blessed weekend!

  4. if you find the house work hero, i want one tooooooo.... also if you find a computer hero you should sign him up and be his agent. blogville is needing lots of computer heros

    1. I'll let you know as soon as I find one!! Thanks Sandra!