In Case you are wondering ....

....what in the world is going on with me and my blog

I thought I'd fill you in.

I've been trying to consolidate several old blogs.
I've been trying to pull pictures and posts into a book format but found it rather difficult because over the past several years I've used all kinds of formats, fonts, etc.

The variety of posts made for a messy looking book.

In short, I've gone through and removed formatting from my posts.
I've been in utter horror at some of the images I have posted (oh goodness - but it shows how far I've come.... I hope!)

Some posts had been posted elsewhere and had to be reposted here in order to show up in the feed and thus in my to be finished "blog book."

So, please excuse the randomness of the posts that just cluttered your feed and email!

One of these days I hope to be back at this blogging thing....

My writing and photography has suffered from lack of "exercise!"

Have a great day ya'll!


  1. I had one disaster changing something on my will probably stay this was for the rest of its existence! Even my one small change changed the layout of multi-picture posts. I cannot imaging doing what you are attempting. I miss your'll get it all worked out eventually! (o:

    1. Thanks my friend..... I'm getting back in the swing of writing (I think). I've got lots of ideas in Draft form! I tried a major change a few years ago and lost over a years worth of posts. Couldn't ever get them all back. Made me sad, so I'm trying to find a way to capture them for me.

  2. I knew you must be updating or changing or doing something, when the old post kept popping up... thanks for the heads up... i think changing the template other than size and colors does create all kinds of things. good luck

    1. Thanks Sandra! Hopefully the old posts are done needing to be republished!

  3. I am still trying to get my blog current after "moving". Someday! I cringe at some of my mistakes from earlier attempts. Found you at Chatting at the Sky.

  4. I figured it was something like that. Don't worry about how things look to others. It's fine.. do what you need to do. I sure hope you weren't referring to this header as I see it now with the pink tulips.. it's beautiful!

  5. I am with you in the changing your blog. I switched to a new host and am going though old posts to update and revise. A slow process while trying to be diligent in posting routinely! Hope it all gets straightened out soon! Blessings, Linda