Two non-threatening words, "What" and "if"

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. - Khalil Gibran

I just watched the movie, "Letters from Juliet."  I've watched it a number of times and the two words that continue to grab my mind and spin it around is near one of the last scenes.  (I won't describe it or you'll know how it ends!)

I'll paraphrase, but the words go something like this:

"What and if are two very non-threatening words when you look at them all by themselves.  But when you put them together they open the possibility of what could be (which can be very threatening)."

These scary words make me think:

WHAT IF - "this" is really real?

WHAT IF - it's just fear keeping me from realizing my dreams?

WHAT IF - a step forward to the unknown was taken instead of a step back into the same old safety zone?

WHAT IF - the desires of your and my heart were truly being given by God and all "you" needed to do was reach out and say, "Yes, thank You.  I accept."

WHAT IF - You put your faith muscle into action instead of your doubting twitch?

WHAT IF - You started trusting Christ with every single aspect of your life instead of listening to the whispering (nagging or yelling) doubts of the enemy, your comfort zone and/or your past?

WHAT IF.....?

What is your WHAT IF today?


  1. i can tell you the What If of my life has been going on for all my 69 years and still goes on and have made me miserable when i think of them. i can lose a nights sleep thinking of what if. like when the wind was howling this week at 30 and 40 mph, that is not dangerous, but it woke me up and i started on the what if a hurricane came or a tropical storm and blew down the rotted fence that keeps the dogs in and the people away from the pool.
    what iffing before it even thinks of happening makes me and bob crazy. he says why do you look at the what if of somethng that might never happen, wait until it is about to happen.
    a true what if person can't stop what iffing. i can attest to that.

    1. It's true, Sandra....and I agree, I can use the "what if"s" for negative purposes. I can also use them for forward, trusting and positive purposes....and that's what hit me the other day. That's what the theme of the movie was.... and what I choose for myself. xo

  2. This is so true! I'm doing a series now on a time when my what if, was what if God isn't real? Faith in an unchanging God who keeps His promises is the answer to our what ifs!