Five Minute Friday: Change

Today's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is "Change."

Just the word "change" makes my mind whirl and spin attached to a tight fist reaching through my body to strike my heart with anxiety and fear.

So much change is going on in the world these days.

The change seems to spin me faster and faster around the merry go round of life with the joys and woes of this world.

I've been seeking change for myself, too.

I've been praying for God to change me into the person He wants me to be.

I know change is a process and that most changes take a bit of time.

In times of change I hold tighter and tighter to God and His Word because this world keeps getting crazier and scarier as the days go by.

I don't know where my future is headed on this earth.

I don't know who will be in it.

I do, however, know Who holds my future and I want to remain steadfast in His tight grip.

What I know for sure to be true:  my Abba Father and the re-occurrence of change.


Linking up with Heading Home for today's Five Minute Writing Prompt.


  1. I don't like change either, but when I look back at the changes I feared, I see God's faithfulness. I just need to remind myself of that every single day.

    1. Fabulous reminder Anita..... God is faithful and He will be with us through every single change. xo

  2. Change is difficult and I don't embrace it very readily.
    Being willing is a big step.
    I'm looking forward to finding out what the Lord has in store for you and for me too.
    Thank goodness we know who holds our hands.

    1. Amen! I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us, too, Sue!!

  3. I am right there with you on my head spinning!!! Praying for you to look at change differently as I am too <3