Sweet Pink Peace

We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

The events of the day have gotten to me.

Health issues of family and self.

World issues of poverty, terrorism, genocide, hunger, war, suicide and the list goes on.

Weather issues near and far of too much heat, too much rain, not enough rain, mud slides and more.

The world is spinning and I want to get off.  I feel deeply for these people.  My heart cries for them and I pray for them.

I crave peace.  In fact, Dear Lord, please let Your abundant peace rain down over me.  

I turn to clicking in searching to get my need for peace met.  For in doing so, I find Christ in the garden as I click with my camera.  I see Him in my vision as I click on my keyboard and blurt out words of calamity to just get the stress "out."

I stare at this mini rose from a dear, sweet man many years ago.  It's portrait takes me back in time to a place of peaceful safety filled with rosy pinkness.

And, now I can rest having given my cares to God and pouring my stress out via my keyboard.

Comments off.