31 Days of Listening for Jesus

31 Days of Writing began in 2008 with The Nester.  I've thought each year about participating but didn't for many reasons.

This is my year to accept the challenge!  However, I'm putting my own little spin on it.  

I'm going to be using the prompts Kate shares every day, just like she does for Five Minute Friday.

The twist is that I will first Listen for Jesus to give me the words in how to respond to Kate's "Five Minute"prompt.

I'll be linking the title for each "31 Day" post here.  Feel free to bookmark this page for easy reference!

I hope you'll join me and the other "31 Day Writers," either by writing, reading or praying for us. It's going to be fun!! Thank you!

See you on the other side of a Click!


Edited: 9/26/14

Life events have given me the opportunity to write on a different topic.  I will be writing on:


I hope to write on "listening for Jesus" when I can devote time to truly listen to Him speaking.  More explanation coming soon.  Thank you for grace in the change of topic.  - SD


  1. Love that you are Listening.
    I think that's the way we should approach each day.
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts and will keep you in prayer.

    1. Thank you, Sue. Unfortunately, life events have me going for a simpler approach .... simply in order to keep my commitment of posting for 31 days.