Five Minute Friday: Hold

Dawning Inspiration/Stacey Dawning

Always hold your head up, but be careful to keep your nose at a friendly level. ~Max L. Forman

Today's Five Minute Friday prompt is Hold.

I get Five minutes to write whatever pops in my head and then I get to stop writing.
I'm not supposed to edit...although I am sure I will reread at least once before hitting publish just to make sure I have no glaring typos. 

Anyway, ready, set go!


HOLD your horses girl!!

That's what I think as I reflect on some surprise plans popping up in front of me.

Excitement builds and I start dreaming and planning and imagining all that could be.

I have to force myself to Stop.  Breathe.  Seek Jesus.  And, wait for answers.

I have to see how the plans will work out with all parties involved.

Oh, but the excitement that builds of seeing cherished ones not seen in like - forever!!

Hugs and face to face visits.

Chatting and Clicking.

Oh the Clicking - to preserve the moments as photos I will get to hold in my hand .... reminiscing on the special times we will have had. 

I've paused for a moment trying to think of something better than being with people you love.
And, aside from spending time with Jesus - I got nuthin'.

I just need to put a hold on my my excitement and let God work out the details in His perfect timing.

So self, just chill'ax and watch the beauty unfold and wait for the arrival.  It's gonna be grand!!!

Woo hoo!



  1. I am so excited for you! I hope your plans grow into just what you hope. I just love that warm wiggly feeling of having some new ideas and plans in the works. From, AFMF friend.

  2. I do hope you can HOLD on until all the plans fall into place. and enjoy them when they let go from the hold and fall all around you

  3. Sounds like happy times are just around the corner for you.ENJOY!

  4. Whoop hoo is right! Very thankful for this opportunity for you! Click away!🌻

  5. Love your take on hold.
    It's great to hear the excitement in your words.
    Just hold on and let Jesus take the reins.